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Reasons to come to Azerbaijan #2: Pictorial & historical Goygol

Let us present you one of the most amazing places you could visit in Azerbaijan is Göygöl lake. Göygöl Lake is a unique natural treasury of Azerbaijan. Today it is one of the favorite places of Azerbaijani citizens and tourists.
​Göygöl, or the "Blue beauty" of Azerbaijan, appeared after an earthquake that hit the area in the Middle Ages, by collapsing the mountain that blocked the path of the river. The flow of water created a lake of pure mountain water on top of the Caucasus Mountains. Göygöl lake is usually split into 19 lakes, and is situated at 1,556 meters above the sea level.
The banks of the lake are covered with forests and rich of flora and fauna. More than 423 types of trees, shrubs and medicinal plants grow here. Heavily wooded, it is home to brown bear, lynx, several species of deer and lowland mountain birds, including eagles and other large raptors. In the surrounding forests you can also meet wolves, foxes, deer, jackals, bears, lynx and many other animals. The lake area is ideal for walking, travelling, and family picnics. After obtaining the status of National Park, Goygol managed to save very rare species of animals and plants. In addition to the lake, the park has several small water bodies, including Lakes Zeligel, Maralgel, Aggele, Shamilgel, Garagel and so on.
On the other side this is not only pictorial place in Azerbaijan, it has important social and historical meaning. The town of Göygöl (previously known as Khanlar and before that Helendorf) was built and populated by Germans before their forced to departure to Kazakhstan during WWII. The Germans who settled in this area around 1816 turned the region into wine country. You will get your chance to know it better if you’ll dare to go appr. 400 km away from Baku and step into a open-air museum where some of the people still speak German, where people remember the stories of their grandparent and the legends are filled with the flavor of brave and demanding hearts. So as it spurred to be in touch beautiful place as Goygol!
Come to Azerbaijan, country of thousand wonders! Come to see it all with your own eyes!